Collection Details

1,000 NFT

Total collection size

0.5 ETH

Floor price


NFTs have unique design


Gas fees

Only 1,000 NFT minted

ASTRO2184 collection contains NFT images of astronauts from the year 2184. The collection provides a glimpse into the life of astronauts during this time period and offers a unique look at the men and women who dedicated themselves to exploring space.

Whether you are looking for a new piece to add to your collection or simply want to browse the amazing artworks, the ASTRO2184 is a must-see. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out today!

ASTRO2184 have a limited supply of only 1,000 NFTs and no more NFTs can be minted on the blockchain

True Ownership

Some benefits of ASTRO2184 NFTs include the ability to easily and quickly transfer ownership, and the ability to track and verify ownership.

Additionally, NFTs can provide a way to create scarcity and uniqueness for virtual assets, and can be used to create new markets or to facilitate transactions in existing markets.